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Manchester Law Tutors is part of a global network of premium law tuition and education consultancy services.

Our Promise

Manchester Law Tutors is the first private law consultancy service that aims to empower clients by providing them with invaluable assistance and guidance. We aim to deliver quality work to our clients with the ultimate goal of helping our clients reach their personal and professional aspirations.


Manchester Law Tutors offers face-to-face tutoring from offices located in the prestigious St James Tower in the heart of Manchester and is also based in a range of convenient locations across the city. Manchester Law Tutors has access to world-class tutors with established academic and professional accreditation. Our tutors come from a variety of countries and backgrounds and our services can be adapted to suit the needs of our sophisticated clientele. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including but not limited to law tuition and assistance with a variety of coursework and career needs. 


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